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Spring Onion - 175 Premium Seeds

Spring Onion - 175 Premium Seeds

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SPRING ONION - Allium fistulosum - 175 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Spring Onion Evergreen Bunching: Perfect for flavoursome salads and stir-fry recipes and loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. Hardy perennial.

Sow & Grow: Sow thinly 1.5 cm deep in a pot, container or directly into watered and well dug, fertile soil where they are to crop. Allow 20 cm between rows. Seedlings appear between 14-21 days. No thinning is required, keep well watered through any dry spells.

Sow/Plant Outside: March - September; Flowers/Harvest: March - October


  • Sow regularly every 3 weeks to provide a continuous supply
  • Early and late sowings may benefit from cloche protection
  • August to September sowings will be ready the following spring 
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