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Lambs Lettuce - 250 Premium Seeds

Lambs Lettuce - 250 Premium Seeds

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LAMBS LETTUCE - Valerianella Locusta - 250 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Lambs Lettuce: A delicate, attractive and tasty addition to any salad that provides an excellent source of vitamin C and iron.

Sow & Grow: Sow seeds thinly 1.5 cm deep where they are to crop in finely prepared, watered soil. Cover lightly with soil and water in well. Allow 20 cm between rows and thin to 15 cm. Keep the soil moist. Seedlings usually appear between 7-21 days.

Sow/Plant Outside: April - August; Flowers/Harvest: June - October


  • Pick young leaves to encourage growth
  • Sow every 2-3 weeks for a continuous supply
  • Pick a few leaves from each plant when approx 5cm high
  • Will re-grow up to 4 cuts
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