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Zero Waste Shopping Bag

Zero Waste Shopping Bag

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The Palanan Zero Waste Shopping Bag is the perfect solution for your bulk shopping needs! Made from durable, biodegradable materials, this bag features premium stitching and heavy-duty construction to withstand repeated use. Perfect for carrying groceries, clothing, or any other items you need, this bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to reduce their impact on the environment.

Their Zero Waste Shopping Bag was designed specifically for places where a sturdy bag is needed for grocery shopping - like markets and zero waste grocery stores and refilleries. 

With plastic bags being banned in Canada, many US states, and eventually everywhere, this bag is a great replacement for your grocery shopping needs.


  • One (1) Shopping Bag insert
  • Retractable Japanese paper base for support
  • Holds up to 5kg
  • Completely recyclable/biodegradable within 5 years
  • Compartments for Mason jars, glass jars, other containers
  • Colored base to avoid bag getting visibly dirty
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